The global market size is estimated to be over $65 Billion


The market has a number of key influences that drive the need for Cation’s solution:

  • The growing use of technology in Business
  • The Business drive to reduce and contain IT spend
  • The complexity of managing a constantly changing technology environment
  • The availability of suitable products to address the problem
Customer Segments

Cation's market is not industry specific and due to our low cost entry point, all industries are in scope.

Key segments are:

  • Small & Medium Businesses
  • Large Enterprises
  • All industries and regions
Engagement triggers

There are a number of use cases where Cation’s product offering would be utilised:

  • Management change or re-structure (obtain a comprehensive view of your departments performance)
  • Service technology change (new products and services introduced into an organisation)
  • New Technology Provider (establish measurement and control of service providers)
  • Business drivers (the business wants the IT department to demonstrate sustainable savings)
  • Productivity drivers (identify waste and implement efficient processes)